New construction of a 24-storey office tower in Berlin

The new high-rise is being built in the immediate vicinity of the Mercedes Benz Arena in the Kreuzberg- Friedrichshain district of Berlin. Its 24 floors "fold" upwards alternately from west to east and give the 96 m high building its unmistakable shape. The folding is clearly visible on the façade made of precast fair faced concrete elements and glass. The high-rise is a reinforced concrete construction with round columns and flat slabs with a standard slab thickness of 28 cm. The bracing is carried out via a central core.

The optimum balance between form and function is reflected in the combination of sculptural architecture and a clear supporting structure.


A special feature is the column-free auditorium on the 1st upper floor. In this area supports for columns from the upper floors are provided. The basement floors will be designed as white tanks. There is a two-storey, 60 x 60 m underground car park. In this project, in addition to the geometry model, the statically relevant loads and calculation models are also managed in a common internal BIM model.

Client Signa Real Estate Management Germany GmbH
Architect Gewers & Pudewill, Berlin
Location BERLIN
Completion 2021